Grading – 2nd December 2018

A tremendous higher belt grading welcoming four new black belt students to our ranks. And how awesome was Sensei Jack Holden on his promotion to Sandan. I am one hugely proud Chief Instructor and in awe at the commitment, tenacity and determination of our students.

Tremendously huge thanks to an out of this world instructor team who dedicate so much time and expertise to our developing students: Chief Sempai Ruby Allen; Sempai Joshua McKechnie; Sempai Thomas Wilson; Sempai Mark Hancock; Assistant Chief Instructor Sensei James Riley; Sensei Ben Williams; Sensei Dawn Pinder; Sensei Nikki Lee Pearson.

Big thanks to Ian Robinson and Jade Lauren Walker for giving up their Sunday's to photograph the event.

And most of all thanks to students parents, friends and families who are a tremendous support to the club and all we achieve.

3rd kyu

Harvey Blenkinsop

Owen McGenn

Mackenzie Ely

Chloe Dewhirst

Vincent Greenwood

1st kyu

Kev Morphet

Louis Johnson

Nicola Orange

Delila Hussain

Jacob Wilson

Sophie Gould


Judith Peat

Grace Peat

Jacob Viner-McQuillan

Louis Isherwood


Jack Holden