Grading assessments for all belts up to and including 4th Kyu red belt are held monthly at the ActivZone dojo. Students' progress is monitored in their class by their instructor, who will then put them forward to the Chief Instructor for formal assessment. Students are entered for their next grade when they have achieved the required standard of technique and attitude. Therefore, the time between each grading may differ for each student and generally the length of time between each grade increases to ensure the correct standard of karate and etiquette.

Grading assessments for 3rd Kyu brown belt and above, including all Dan grades are held twice a year, usually June and December. These higher level gradings are longer in duration and allow for more indepth assessment of the student's techniques, knowledge and attitude. Students being assessed for Shodan Black Belt will also be assessed via a written paper prior to the practical assessment.

All grading assessments examine students across the whole of the syllabus including: basic techniques & combinations; testing of strengthened kicks using kick shields; kata; bunkai; kumite.

A fee is payable for all gradings.




01-12-19 9.30am-2.30pmHigher Belt Grading
23-06-19 9.15am-12.15amLower Belt Grading View
02-06-19 9.30am-2.30pmHigher Belt Grading
28-04-19 9.15am-12.15amLower Belt Grading
10-02-19 9.15am-12.15amLower Belt Grading View
02-12-18 9am-2pmBrown & Black Belt Grading View
18-11-18 9am-12amLower Belt Grading View
07-10-18 1pm-4pmLower Belt Grading View
24-06-18 1pm-5pmLower Belt Grading
10-06-18 12pm-5pmBrown & Black Belt Grading
15-04-18 1pm-4pm
Lower Belt Grading
01-06-16 10am-5pmBrown & Black Belt Grading